Virtual Learning/ Tutoring/ Field Trips 

Serving PreK3 - 12   

Based in Macon, Ga 

Year Round Enrollment

Phone: 478-501-3473  

Supporting Non-Traditional Education

Textbook Format - Independent Learning 

(Accredited Curriculum)

Available PreK3 - 12th grades

Parent or Facilitator Led /  Teacher Supported

Preschool 3 and 4 years old

This Text Book Curriculum offers a year-long worth of Bible-based resources for hands-on learning and a whole lot of fun with musical sing-a-longs CD"s and creative activities that will keep your little one engaged and coming back for more - focus on language arts, phonological awareness, handwriting, and  physical fitness in these developmental years.  Teacher Guides Included

Annual Curriculum - $495

Teacher Led (optional) - $265 Per Month

Early Elementary K-3

This Text Book Curriculum covers all the core subjects with emphasizes on language arts, phonics, handwriting, and math.  Art, health, and physical education are included for a well balanced holistic diet. 

Annual Curriculum - $495 

Teacher  Led (optional) - $265 Per Month

Contact us for Text Book Format Pricing for Grades 4-12

 Independent Learning - Grades 3-12 - Online Format

(Accredited Curriculum)

Parent or Facilitator Led / Teacher Supported 

Grades 3-12 

Unlimited Courses (Great for accelerated learners)

$600 Per Semester 

$1200 Annually (10 months to complete)

 Breakdown: $12 Admissions Fee  $495 Down  $99 per month for 7 months 

Teacher Led (optional) - $265 Per Month

Optional textbook supplements for handwriting, health, PE, and Electives are available - contact us for pricing

 Dually Enrolled - Grades 3-12 - Online Format

Dually Enrolled in our Partnership Virtual Academy/Fully Accredited/ Transferrable Credits

Teacher Led / Parent or Facilitator Supported 

 Grades 3-12

Offering core subjects in Bible, Math, English, Science, and History with a wide variety of selections for electives.

Optional textbook supplements for Handwriting, Health, and PE are available at additional cost.

$350 Per Course Per Semester (2 Semesters a year)

Courses are prepaid with a 7 day preview period

Example - 5 courses for 1 year or 2 semesters = $3500;  Payment Arrangement - 80% down at $2800 and $70 per month for 10 months