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individualized instruction for the individualized child

Welcome to PreK3-4

     The world and your home are your child's first classroom.  In this concrete learning stage, anything they touch, see, hear, smell, feel, or taste is a learning experience.  In addition to those everyday teachable moments, your child will experience the foundations of education with our interactive and comprehensive curriculum.

     With a focus on language arts, watch their eyes glean with excitement as new learning concepts ignite their growing minds. 

 Our Christ-centered paper-back curriculum and activities provides numerous opportunities for your little one to experience Language Arts, Science, Music, Math, Phonics, Arts and Crafts, Phonics, and Social Studies.  Instructional guides, music CD's, and hands-on materials provide a year's worth of lessons and fun learning experiences and easy guides for the learning coach.  Teaching doesn't have to be difficult; concepts are made relative by incorporating these lessons into everyday routines, outings, and activities.  

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 Independent (Parent) or Teacher Led Learning

(Accredited Textbook Curriculum)

 PreK3 -4

Preschool 3 and 4 years old

This Textbook Curriculum offers a year-long worth of Bible-based resources for hands-on learning and a whole lot of fun with musical sing-a-longs CD"s and creative activities that will keep your little one engaged and coming back for more - focus on language arts, phonological awareness, handwriting, and physical fitness in these developmental years.  Teacher Guides Included

Annual Curriculum - $495 (Includes record keeping, support, and progress monitoring)

Teacher Led (option) - $265 Per Month