Virtual Learning 

Serving PreK3 - 12th Grade   

Based in Macon, Ga 

Year-Round Enrollment

Phone: 478-501-3473  

 Home School and Private School Choice

…producing smiles while learning through

individualized instruction for individual children


 Fees and Payments

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 Admissions Fee $15

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 Courses Offered

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Enrollment Fee $300

The annual fee covers administrative cost required to offer our programs to families. 


An invoice will be billed dependent on course selections.

 Academic Support (Tutoring)

Invoiced according to plan chosen

Diploma Fee $150

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Single Courses $350

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Field Trips

Invoiced Per Trip

Payments Accepted

Debit, Credit, Check/Money orders, After-Pay  

Full Load - 5 Courses

Per Semester $1875

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Additional Course Fee

After Full Load - $275

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Dance Ministry Club

$25 per Month

Monthly Membership

Art Club

$25 Per Month

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