Virtual Learning 

Serving PreK3 - 12th Grade   

Based in Macon, Ga 

Year-Round Enrollment

Phone: 478-501-3473  

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Admissions and Fees

Inquiry/Consultation - Free

Application Fee - $15 (limited time)

Admissions Fee - $60

Annual Enrollment Fee - $99 (regularly $300)

Single Courses - $350 Each

PreK - 2nd Grade - Annual (Print) Curriculum - $1425

This Textbook Curriculum includes activities that covers all the core subjects with emphasizes on Language Arts, Phonics, Handwriting, and Math. Art, health, and physical education are incorporated for a well-balanced cognitive diet. Individualized subscriptions and materials may also be included for custom plans.

Payment Plan - $425 Down for Curriculum and Materials then $100 per month for 10 months

(Includes coach's guides, record keeping, support, and progress monitoring)


Grades 3-12 Remote Learning Online - Annual Curriculum $5450 (Fully Accredited - Teacher Supported)

    Offering core subjects in Bible, Math, English, Science, and History with a wide variety of selections for electives...

 Includes textbooks for Handwriting and Phonics for elementary grades and Physical or Health Education for all grades.

(Scholarships offered when available)

(10 months) up to 5 online courses per semester

Additional courses - $275 each

Payment arrangement - $1400 down per semester

Balance divided over 9 months

10 Day Preview is allowed before Down Payment is due.

(Teacher-led, Grading, Progress Reports, Report Cards, Transcripts, Record Keeping)

                                                  An enrollment link will be sent after the application is received, accepted, and processed.

(After receipt of the application, you will be sent an invitation link directing you to complete the Enrollment Application to complete the process)

Have Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call 478-501-3473