Virtual Learning and Tutoring

Serving Pre-K thru 12    

Based in Macon, GA  


School Year 2021-2022   


Preparing today's children to become tomorrow's leaders by building strong minds and strong Christian Faith

If we love them, they will listen; if they listen, they will learn

                                                                               - Adriana Jackson

Some program offerings have been postponed due to Covid-19.



Welcome to Sterling Christian Academy (SCA).  In education, we realize one style does not fit all.  Various crises have changed the academic climate of education in traditional settings.  Children need to feel they have a safe place to learn.  These changes have increased the demand for educational alternatives including private and homeschool programs.  We serve as both. We provide the flexibility of offering a tuition-based, Christ-centered, textbook or virtual/online curriculum.  Students have opportunities to participate in group recreational activities and field trips when available.  Learners have access to a fully accredited virtual/online curriculum from wherever they have access to a computer and internet. 

We also provide community resources to enrich educational opportunities.  

See the Free Resources page.

Full or part-time enrollment is offered year-round; this enables students to start anytime throughout the year.

Contracted tutors provide support for students within or outside of our program.  

Meeting places are coordinated for convenience.

Our future goal is to offer a full-service brick and mortar location that can better serve our families needs.

Program Focus

We focus on educating the whole child. Our accredited curriculum is designed to accommodate various learning styles by combining 21st century technology with the option of paper-book integrations. We work alongside parents and caregivers to help bridge learning gaps and to give students and parents the resources needed to help them succeed. We encourage students to discover and explore their God-given talents - helping them to understand their life's purpose which empowers them to become more intentional and confident learners.

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

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